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We Strive To Help You Improve Your Golf Game & Golfing Experience

As a small family run business that arose because of the world pandemic, ATS 3 Golf came into existence to help improve your golf game and golfing experience. 

We decided to design our own products that we would want to use and felt that many of you would as well. We work with golfers that have had over 40 years of competitive experience as well as those who are strictly recreational players with handicaps ranging from 36 all the way down to a +3.

Everything is designed in Canada 🇨🇦. We strive to make quality products with affordable prices.

Golf Phone Holder


Alpha Tail Supplies knows its golf. One of the founders is a competitive golfer with over 40 years of competing in golf. He and his golfing mates have first hand knowledge of what is an useful product vs a novelty. Everyone loves their Golf Phone Holder. It is one of the few available that can be used with golf carts, push carts, motorized pushed carts, or even alignment sticks. Use it for golf, or for your bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, stroller, shopping cart, spin bike, treadmill, or even a boat.

Golf Phone Holder

Why Use A Golf Phone Holder

We found it was becoming a hassle constantly taking our phone in and out of our golf bag throughout a round of golf. Today most golfers use their phones to look at their Golf Course GPS, to film ourselves, or simply to check our email & texts. In looking for a solution we found there were 2 types of holders on the market. 1 style of golf phone holder was designed to attach to your golf cart and or push cart. The other style was designed to attach to a golf club or an alignment stick that you would able you to film your golf swing.

The ATS 3 Golf, Golf Phone Holder is designed to do both. It can be attached to virtually any golf cart, or it can attach to items as small as alignment sticks. The best of both worlds, making our Golf Phone Holder one of the most versatile on the market today.

Wide Application Range

Suitable for square and riund handlebars


Long Lasting Design For You and Your Golf

Make your purchase with confidence at ATS 3 Golf. We know consumers feel online shopping carries a certain amount of risk. This is why, we are dedicated to making the highest quality products with premium materials at affordable prices. We believe so much in our work that we offer a no-questions asked refund policy for you, the customer! Everything is designed in Canada, and sold exclusively on Amazon.

Exclusively on Amazon
Designed in Canada
Premium Quality

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